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Also known as structural surveys, condition surveys: a survey prior to purchase of an interest in a property to determine its condition, any major defects and likely maintenance issues in the future. We are able to report on the condition and advise on remedial works if required.


The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 applies if a building owner wishes to carry out works which may affect a wall shared by a neighbour or one which is close to the area of works. Serving notices (Party Structure Notices, 3m Notices, Line of Junction Notices) are a legal requirement before works start on the party wall.

As well as extensions and loft conversions built on the party wall, walls belonging to a neighbour remote from the proposed works can sometimes be affected and require notices (6m Notice).


A schedule of condition records the condition of a building at a particular point in time, it often forms part of a Party Wall Award and can be useful prior to taking a lease of a property. It can be prepared on behalf of the landlord or the tenant.


A survey to prepare a maintenance schedule of repairs and renewals likely over a given time period. They are used to prepare on-going budgets. In straitened times, maintenance is often the first victim, but early action could prevent major expenditure in the future. Stopping a leak in its early days could for instance prevent an attack by dry rot which can be an expensive defect to remedy.


Building an extension or carrying out alterations and refurbishments on domestic or commercial property can be a daunting prospect.

As part of the service we would apply for all necessary consents, prepare working drawings if necessary, specifications and obtain competitive estimates from contractors, monitor the works through to completion and certify payments at the relevant times. Serving Notices under the The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 may also be required.


Diagnosing problems in the structure, reporting and recommending remedial works. This can also extend to preparing a specification of work and obtaining estimates as detailed above.


Following on from the maintenance survey, a specification of works may be needed for the necessary repairs, whether that is recovering a roof, renewing the windows or external repairs. Advice can be provided for the repairs required. Repairs under an insurance claim following a fire or subsidence can also be undertaken.


Recent rising costs of energy have increased the necessity to conserve the heat provided. In the older properties this is not so easy but we have experience of insulating hard-to- heat properties.


Building work, renovation, refurbishment, extensions, new builds are expensive and implementing these works require compliance with a significant number of rules and regulations. Feasibility studies therefore advise you on what can be done, and at what cost, and the required rules and regulations.